The Voice Recorder App is much more versatile than we thought. Essentially, record anything and then send it to multiple platforms. From podcasts to text message an everything in between. Very cool app. The autopost function in Twitter and FB can be a real time saver. It may not give you as much flexibility as you would have with IFTTT, but if you are just looking to get to multiple platforms it can be helpful. 

The Power of Cards

Starting your day by writing 2 cards to people on your staff sets you up for success by forcing your mind to identify positive things happening in your space. If we are looking for the good things...we will find them. Writing them down and thanking people for their work develops a tremendous sense of trust. 

Mobile Podcast Tools

Quick Audioboom and Spreaker tutorial to get you rolling on podcasting from your phone. There are multiple platforms for podcasting and these are just a few that have worked for us!

Press Conferences

Press conferences are a great way to announce staff to the world. Here is a quick view of how we handle ours in Fall Creek.

Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are a great way to connect and grow together. In this video we talk about how to take part in a twitter chat, moderate a chat, schedule tweets, and archive the chat when it is finished.