Hello Wisconsin Superintendents!!!

Well...we are just under half way through the WI Superintendent Challenge!  For those who were thinking about participating or already doing so...remember...there is no prize, no notoriety, no additional pay...and if that isn't enough to sell the idea...No one will check to see if you did it!!!!!!

Professional learning has to be intrinsically motivated to see the most gain.  We, as district leaders, have the OBLIGATION to seek out professional growth.  It can't be something that our staff does and we offer as a resource...it has to be part of our growth as leaders.  If you have not chosen anything from the Winter State Education Convention to implement, don't worry...you still have plenty of time to make a change for the remainder of the year...here is a reminder...

Wisconsin Superintendents and any other leaders reading out there…we offer a challenge to all of you…

1.  Implement 1 thing you learned at the convention into your district…with the idea that it is not an ADD ON to your staff. Integrate what you are doing and make sure the growth is yours and impacts the district.

2. Find a colleague…instead of discussing budget, facilities, or school closings find time to connect with one other person who will hold you accountable for your plan to implement something new.

3.  Connect with other superintendents who went through the process at the Spring Convention on April 24-26 in Green Bay to share the experience.

The concept is not new…and may not be exciting, but just over a year ago I was struggling to finish a dissertation…after connecting with a colleague and setting up a plan where we held each other accountable, we both graduated in May.  Having someone there to encourage, but also push, is an extraordinary help in moving forward.  Hopefully the opportunity to discuss and grow will benefit all leaders in our schools…

Good luck, everyone!!  Hope to have an opportunity to connect with everyone in Green Bay in April and discuss growth, inhibitors to growth, and what we can do to help each other moving forward.
AuthorJoe Sanfelippo